I’m Jools Jordan-Probert, an aspiring sports journalist looking to specialise in football.  I was born and raised in Swansea, South Wales and I’m inside my first month of studying Football Journalism at the University of Derby, and already the course has been incredible. (Meeting Henry Winter and taking the picture above is testament to that)

I’ve started this blog as a space to post anything I write/cover from now on in, to be able to share it and receive feedback to hopefully enhance my skills, improve my writing and obtain some exposure.

I’m welcome to anyone getting in touch with me for work purposes or to give me critique/feedback on anything I have written.

I am completely new to this (being blog maintenance) and also pretty new to writing too, so I am just as unlikely to know what to expect from this as anyone who reads this post.

Thank you to anyone that does. And here’s to me writing and hopefully you reading more in the future!