Maddy Cusack has stated that if England continue succeeding it will improve the women’s game.

Maddy Cusack, the 20-year-old midfielder for Aston Villa Ladies came into the University of Derby to speak about the Women’s game. She is also a student at the University studying Marketing and PR.

Cusack believes the game has changed over the last few years. She said: “The publicity of the game has increased a lot since I started playing the game.” She continued: “The (rebranding of the) women’s super league has done really well too.”

The midfielder stated the national team also helped: “Especially with the national team doing well. I think if the national team have another good tournament in the Euros that will definitely bring more publicity.” She added: “I just think if the national team are being successful then people are going to want to watch or write about them.”

Women’s football has the third highest participation levels in British sport from a grass roots level. “Participation levels in women’s football have increased since the World Cup” Cusack stated. She additionally said: “It’s going to encourage more girls to play football if the women’s team are doing well and watching them on TV. It’s just more in demand now.”

Cusack is preparing for the new Spring Women’s Super League 2 season as Villa attempt to push further forward than their previous 3 mid-table finishes.

The highly-rated central midfielder believes the constantly interrupted nature of women’s matches is an issue when trying to build momentum. She said: “It’ll help having the games running after each other, having it more continuous will definitely help it.”

A factor that prohibits a significant number of women’s matches from being played are the men’s matches which play before and after and take authority – the often-affiliated men’s teams being unwilling to risk the pitch being damaged. This can be down to the money brought in by men’s matches having larger attendances; generating more income for the club. “If there is a Villa men’s game and a Villa Ladies game you’re going to go the Villa men’s game” the 20-year-old said.

This will not stop the growth of the women’s game and it is projected by sources that the game will grow to surpass cricket as the second-most played sport in Britain within the next decade.